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How do I set up new battens to appear under Cover > Select Tile?

Battens or purlins are defined under the heading of Flashing because they are supplied as a linear item, that is, they are supplied and costed per metre or per foot.

From the pulldown menu select Set Up > Flashing.     Select the dropdown box at the top and select Batten.  


Click the dropdown box for Flashing types at the top and select Batten as the type.

Fill out the rest of the cells in the dialog with the appropriate details for your product.  The most important information is the Product Code – this code must be unique to that product and must not contain any spaces or special characters such as @#$%^&*.   The software uses the product code to associate all items as appropriate, in your material list.


For battens/purlins you would also typically select the Estimation Method to be 'Split Total Run Length into Maximum Length Pieces', assuming that you buy them in 6000mm or 6500mm lengths (if supplied in metric units or the best equivalent in Imperial).


Click on [Add] once you have entered all the information, the select [OK] so that the file is saved with all your new product details.    If you are changing any details such as price for example, simply make the change, and select [Update], then [OK].   The file is (and your changes) is not saved until you select [OK].

Then, once you go to Cover > Select Tile you will see the batten/purlin you created is in the list of available battens to select for your job.

Proceed with your estimate.

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