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How do I transfer the software to a new computer?

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Roof Wizard v8.2 - Web Server Licensing

With the release of Roof Wizard v8.2 the licensing is made a lot simpler to manage.  We now employ web server licensing providing ease of access and total flexibility - all at no extra cost.   

This means that it doesn’t matter where your users are located.   If your company has 5 licenses for example, those licenses will be able to be run from any PC at any time, up to the number of licenses available for the company.   The software can be installed anywhere and if a license is free, the software will run.    We have also created a License Manager so your system administrator can view who is online and for how long.   

This makes the entire process described below completely redundent.   To access your update to v8.2, go to, log in with your email address and go from there.


The instructipons below apply only to versions before v8.2

AppliCad's Roof Wizard software is a single user license – one user, one computer = one license.     Typically the license is secured using a software code that is unique to the computer where the software is installed.    However, this may be expanded from a convenience point of view using the AppliCad Flexible License Key option.   This employs a USB key (a.k.a. dongle).   You may install the software on all your computers and whereever the key is plugged in, the software will operate.

Be aware that if the software is installed and no license is issued (either software code or Hardlock USB key) the software runs in ReadOnly mode.   This allows you to review models, check pricing and print proposals, orders etc.   You cannot edit or save models in ReadOnly mode.

With this knowledge, you must first note whether you have a Hardlock USB key or Softlock license key.   Hardlock means that the license is managed with a USB key (a.k.a. dongle, it will probably have a label 'Rockey4' on it and will be blue in colour).  If this is the case you just need to install the software on the new computer, plug the USB in, Microsoft Windows will find and install the correct driver and the license is good to go.    If the green LED on the USB key is flashing, then Microsoft Windows couldn't load the correct driver and you may have to do this yourself.   Refer to the tips for this in a related FAQ.

If you don’t have a USB dongle, then your software license is managed with a software code it is known to be 'software-locked' or 'softlocked'.

Return Softlock LIcense
To transfer a softlock license, the first thing you need to do is return the license on your current computer.   Open the software on the existing computer and select [Return License].   Email the codes 1 and 2 to AppliCad Support and we will send you a receipt code.   The software license is now free to be installed and registered on your new computer.   

If you get stuck or confused, call AppliCad Support Centre, and we will talk you through the de-registration process.

Register Software License
Once you get the software installed on the new computer, open the software, go to Help > About Software and note the codes 1 and 2.   These codes are unique and identify your computer and your AppliCad license.  Email these to AppliCad Support Team and  we will email back your registration code - this unlocks the license on that computer.   You must do this within five days.   After five days, the code one changes every time you go into the software, requiring you to register while on the phone to the Support Team, or leave the software running until they send you the unlock code.

If you have elevated levels of Windows security (as happens with Windows 10, right out of the box), then you will need to Right Click on the short cut for Roof WIzard, and select 'Run as Administrator' so that the registration of software is performed correctly. Once registered, run Roof Wizard normally, that is not in Administrator mode.

Backing Up User Data
Also note that if you don’t run off a network location and want to transfer your existing data across to the new computer you will need to make a copy of the AppliCad User folder (usually found under C:AppliCadRoof WizardUser) and copy it to the same location on the new computer.

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