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The software isn't letting me register. It keeps saying "Unable to Access Registry to Set Licensing." or "Unable to Create Registry Key..." Runs in Software Lock mode only.

There are two possible explanations for this problem.  The first is that the AppliCad CRM does not have the web license enabled (Contact AppliCad Support Team) or -

The most likely cause for this message is due to the increased internet and network security settings imposed on users with Microsoft Windows.  These security measures are all reasonable if you do not wish to be compromised by hackers and SPAM merchants, but it does require us to work around them.   

We have also seen a variation on this message "Unable to Create Registry Key" .

You may need to do all of the below in an admin account.

1) Download and run Applicad.reg as linked below (note that you cannot run this from Google Chrome, you must run it from MS Edge or MS Explorer)

2) Apply full control access via regedit to user account. (note - you may not be able to do this until downloading applicad.reg)

3) Enable port 80 and 443 on inbound/outbound rules under firewall advanced security settings

4) Restart affected machine.

Everything should be back to normal then - details below:



The Fix

Automatic fix
You can download this file (AppliCad.reg) to your Desktop or Downloads folder and double click the file.  Follow the prompts (you will get a couple of Windows security warnings).  (note - that you cannot download this using Google Chrome, you must download it through MS Edge or MS Explorer)

This will automatically update the Windows Registry with the required settings to add the details that didn't get added during the regular installation of the Roof Wizard.   The fact that the Registry wasn't updated as required is usually a result of elevated Windows security settings.!AvCUjCBIqdzGsGh7j83JDV7ZezyO

However, it may not be this that stops the software from working.   It seems that a recent update to Windows from Microsoft changes the registry permissions, so this is what should be checked first and the steps to do this are described below.


Manual Fix
You can manually change or check the registry settings - You may need to get your IT department to help make these changes for you.


Disclaimer: Editing the Windows Registry file is a serious undertaking. A corrupted Windows Registry file could render your computer inoperable, requiring a reinstallation of the Windows 10 operating system and potential loss of data. Back up the Windows 10 Registry file and create a valid restore point before you proceed.


  • Open Windows Explorer do a search for the utility program called RegEdit.

  • Open this up and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and into the SOFTWARE folder. We are looking for a folder called Appl this will either be directly in that SOFTWARE folder or if it’s like my machine will be in another folder under the software one called Wow6432node.

Scroll down to the folder '\WOW6432node', then right mouse click  \Appl folder.


  • Right click on the \Appl folder and select Permissions.  Ensure that the User has full control over this folder.  It wouldn’t hurt to give all the Group or users full control but the User is the most important one.   Select [Edit] and then check the box [Full Control], then [Apply], then [OK].

Now check that the Roof Wizard runs OK. 




If you are not real confident, the next option should really be done by your IT guy.
If the permissions have been changed and you still have issues, make sure that the settings have actually been set correctly.   Maybe you have permission to set them, but nothing was set during install, so you have permission over nothing.   Navigate down through the /Appl folder to the [Lic] folder as shown below, and insert the settings shown (to add a new string or word, right click in the space and select [New]):

Ensure that you have EXACTLY the same set of Words and Strings as shown below -


You now have permission and the correct settings in the Registry to run Roof Wizard.


Lastly, check that the server is not blocking the license check via the ports. 
Go to this FAQ for details on how to check it -


It is possible that you will get the following error message after the above fix.   
Simply close the software and restart again.






Note that this was on a Windows7 PC so the difference in presentation of the problem may well be just because of that.

A new install of a V9.0 update from V4.n using the [Repair] option.
On starting the software it went straight to Software Locking.  

The software is trying to run wholly as a SoftLock version and will not search for the web license.

When you try to check back in, it isn't checked out so you get this message:

The issue is that this Windows user profile who installed the software does not have permission to edit the registry folder \Appl.

The fix is the same as in the previous section, plus you must check that the profile has permission to read and write to this folder in the Registry.



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