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AppliCad roof software is the world’s best selling software for metal roof estimating.
Model your roof and walls in 3D because it provides verifiable accuracy of your estimates.

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  • The RoI calculator uses a typical example comparing manual take-off methods with our proven automatic methods – for specific details of this comparison, check our RoI page.



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The AppliCad process of modelling in 3D provides you with total confidence in the final result. The model is the job – if it checks correct, then it is. The process is reproducible, meaning that regardless who completes the job the result will be the same, providing total accuracy of output, for all your work.
Accuracy is Confidence.


Creating your 3D model from a PDF, aerial image or field measurements is quick and easy. With most modelling functions totally automatic – a single mouse click away. You can turn a request for quotation around quickly, efficiently and accurately – confident that it is correct.
Build your Business.


Modelling your roof in 3D and simulating the installation of all your roof materials is like a dress rehearsal for your complete project.   You know it will be OK on the day because you have ‘rehearsed it’ on your roof software model – all options can be explored without incurring additional expense.
Confidence is Control.

AppliCad relentlessly pursues the best way for you to work, investing heavily in research and development and works closely with all our customers around the world, in 148 countries – everyone has something to contribute to the process of roof software improvement.

AppliCad complex metal roof

AppliCad Roof Wizard is suited to any commercial, industrial or residential roofing or cladding project and provides the most accurate 3D roof /wall modelling and measurement functionality. Estimating walls AppliCad Roof Wizard 1

The advanced tools generate detailed reports featuring complete material lists of everything for your job including all trim, fascia, gutter and downspouts, labour summaries, roof geometry such as pitch, length and area reports that substantially increase your professionalism, profitability and efficiency.  AppliCad provides detailed, accurate reports from Architect’s PDF plans, aerial imagery or hand drawn field sketches.

Read more about the new Roof Wizard with Solar Wizard tools or try it for yourself.

User Support Services

All users of AppliCad software benefit from one of the most complete programs in the industry, and have the confidence of knowing that they are fully supported.

  • Online resources such as FAQ and a self-paced online training course – stop and start as it suits you,
  • A modelling service bureau for those jobs that you do not have the skills or the time to do yourself,
  • The most comprehensive user guide of any program in the industry, seamlessly integrated with the program,
  • Hotline to our amazing team of experts – via email, phone or web meeting,
  • Knowing that the guys behind this have decades of experience between them – to support you.

AppliCad roof software automates manual processes and provides the most accurate 3D roof and wall modelling and measurement functionality for manufacturers, distributors and contractors.
Our Roof Wizard roof software enables you to get more done, in less time, with greater accuracy and with the highest quality client proposals – in the office, on the road or on site.

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“Installing AppliCad Roof Wizard was one of the best things we ever did for the business, thank you.” – Judi Wallace, Director, Barrier Roofing

“AppliCad is awesome estimating software that automates the manual takeoff process for roof and wall panels.  more…
– Gabe Savely, Director of Component Sales, Star Building Systems, TX

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