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Global Support


AppliCad is now represented in all major markets. In doing so we have service and support covered almost 24 hours a day. We also have toll free phone services from other locations where we have a concentration of users. This phone service rings right at the desk of the support team.

Typical Setup

AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software is a Windows application.   Essentially, it will run on any computer that is running Windows – if Windows runs, our software will run.    It does like to have chunks of RAM so if anything the more RAM you can get the better.    We also suggest that you run a twin screen setup (perhaps 2 x 21″ or 24″ high quality LED IPS monitors), so that you can have the client’s PDF on one screen and the Roof Wizard on the other.   This has been shown to significatnly increase your productivity and accuracy in estimating and take-offs.


Mac Support

We have AppliCad Roof Wizard running very effectively on Mac’s all over the world.   However, we do not run Roof Wizard in Mac OS native mode because there are now so many very good options for running Windows applications on a Mac.

If you wish to run Roof Wizard on Mac OS then we can confirm that the tested options are using proprietary add-ons to Mac OS such as Parallels, Fusion and a new option, Crossover.

We also suggest a three button mouse (two buttons and a scroll wheel) so that you can take full advantage of all the cool functions in Roof Wizard.


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