Pricing for United States

AppliCad Roof Wizard

Annual License Subscription

$2,250 USD

AppliCad Roof Wizard

Monthly License Subscription

$250 USD

Web Server Licensing

Install the software on as many PC’s in the office and at home as you want.  When you start the software, it checks for the availability of a valid license.  If a license is available, the software runs.

No license? You can still get work done!

If there are no available licenses, the software reverts to ‘ReadOnly‘ mode allowing you to open jobs, check jobs and print reports.

When a license becomes available, it prompts the user that the license is available and may be switched to ‘Full Mode‘. All this extra capability at no extra cost.

AppliCad Investment Protection (IP)

The service is included in all Annual or Monthly software license options and entitles you to:

  • all updates to the software as and when they are released
  • access to our developers for enhancements and bug fixes
  • regular eNews
  • Google Groups
  • Facebook forums
Perpetual license

The Investment Protection service is included for 12 months in the initial purchase of the AppliCad software perpetual license options and must be renewed every 12 months for continued access to the support service and the software updates. AppliCad Investment Protection on perpetual licenses may be paid for once each year – talk to your AppliCad support team member about your options.
(Perpetual Licenses are no longer available for purchase)

Please use this link if you need to pay an invoice from AppliCad.

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