AppliCad Roof Wizard Software Training

The Roof Wizard software can help to make you money.

The secret to fast success in learning the software is to ensure that you complete all the Roof Wizard software online training course. After completing this training you will be able to use the program to its potential and according to your needs.

The online course can be done at your own desk, at home or at work.   You can stop and start as it suits your busy day and you don’t have the additional cost of travel and accommodation that usually accompanies going to a classroom training session.   Invest in this supportive environment and it will repay the initial investment inthe software in just a few weeks!

The online course at replicates entirely, the four day classroom training that AppliCad has delivered all around the world for so many years.   It has proven content, taking you from simple to complex.  It has a test at the end of each section and you cannot progress until you have passed the test (it is not hard – just pay attention!) so that we ensure that you are learning the skills that you need to get the best from the software.

Meet David, who has completed the Roof Wizard training course:

How much time will it take?

The online training course is broken up into 7 easy modules and covers everything from basic menus, simple 3D roof models to material setup and 3D walls.  It does replicate the 4 day classroom training and if you sit down and do nothing else, it also takes about 4 days.

Training content

The course will guide you through all aspects of the software in substantial detail, from basic to advanced roof modelling, material setup, to report template design. You will receive a lot of tips and tricks and even if you don’t get all the answers, you will know how and where to find them.

In context with the learning modules, a YouTube video accompanies each exercise so you can watch and learn.

We will share our many tricks to

  • model roof geometry
  • overcome the idiosyncrasies of material setup
  • design report and templates, and
  • setting up and getting the details right the first time and every time thereafter.

Don’t forget our other training options…

AppliCad YouTube Channel
Over 50 short, informative videos demonstrating the Roof Wizard’s main functions.  While NOT intended to replace the online training course, they certainly show specific aspects of the software capability.

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