AppliCad Services

Besides world leading roofing software, AppliCad also offer other services to ease your workload and boost your productivity.

Estimating Bureau

Need help getting your estimating done?

Our expert team of inhouse estimators can get the job done for you in 48 hours. It’s easy, fast, and accurate, so you can be confident your bid is on time and correct.

Your work will be completed usually well within 48 hours. 

Automatic Report Genetator

Get your detailed roof reports from RXF or XML files in minutes!

Our fully automated system can return a report to you in just minutes!

An editable MS Word document will be created for you to add your own company details & logo. 

Pocket Estimator

Get simple roof data instantly

Want to know the roof area and number of tiles required for a simple roof shape?

The resulting report shows roof area, length of guttering and number of tiles required.  It also shows a wastage table up to 20%.

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