6 Reasons Why You Should Care About Accuracy in Metal Roofing

6 Reasons Why You Should Care About Accuracy in Metal Roofing

Are you thinking about entering the metal roofing market? For starters, let’s admit that metal roofing is complex, and not a straightforward transition from the way other roof materials are operated.

Insulated panels add further complications because of the depth of the panel and the details for flashing and trim. There are a number of reasons why is is paramount to calculate the roofing area as accurately as possible, and why you should care about more than areas and lengths. Here are 6 reasons why you should care about accuracy in metal roofing.

Reason 1

You can’t stretch metal that is too short and cutting metal that is too long is expensive, in terms of labour and waste.  Absolute accuracy is essential.  That is why Roof Wizard uses a 3D model as the basis of the quotation.  The 3D captures the key geometric features and labels them correctly. Auto-dimension allows us to check that everything is correct.

AppliCad Accuracy Matters – 6 Reasons Why You Should Care About Accuracy in Metal Roofing

Accuracy Matters in Metal Roofing

Reason 2

Most sales people focus on panel quantity and costs per m² or square foot. However, the profit margin in a job is usually lost or found in the flashing and trim.  By comparison with the complexity of flashing details, the panels are the easy part.

Reason 3

To ensure accuracy in material take-off, the ‘estimating’ system must take account of all fabrication and installation allowances.  Only a commercial software program such as our Roof Wizard has this totally covered – we have allowances for all aspects of the installation including the depth of the panel and overhang into the gutter, valley clearance, ridge clearance etc.

Reason 4

Further requirements to ensure a profitable project installation is the accuracy in determining the flashing and trim package and all the compulsory accessory items required for a professional finish.  The Assembly Group function of our Roof Wizard manages this entirely automatically with pre-defined trim systems to match the roofing profiles and substrate ensuring that all the correct clips, screws, tapes and sealant are accounted for, to ensure correct cost and ordering.   It cannot be installed if you don’t have it!

Reason 5

It is essential that what has been designed, specified and ordered is conveyed to the installer accurately. A complete and detailed document package helps with this.

Reason 6

Such documentation – client proposals and detailed costs, panel and trim layout, material cutting lists, supplier orders, fabrication detail, interface to roll formers, installation guides and installer pay – need to be accurate and produced fast – are all automatically created by our Roof Wizard software because of the detail developed within each 3D model.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Care About Accuracy in Metal Roofing

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