Introducing your ultimate timesaver – and Hover

Unlock the future of metal roofing: Where precision matters

Every roof tells a story, and every roofer is after the ultimate timesaver to make jobs profitable. Make sure you don’t miss out on the benefits of accuracy and efficiency when it comes to your bottom line.

Why should you estimate roof materials accurately?

  • Maximise profits: Overestimating wastes money. Underestimating disappoints customers. Hit the sweet spot every time.
  • Boost trust: Give customers confidence with precise estimates, showing professionalism and expertise.
  • Save time: Reduce return trips to suppliers and avoid rushed last-minute orders.

Introducing the ultimate duo: and Hover

roofestimating x HOVER

Precision and efficiency have found their match. Combining Hover’s detailed property measurements with AppliCad’s robust platform, we present a collaboration that redefines roofing standards.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Section reports in minutes: Upload your Hover .xml file and get accurate section reports within minutes, not hours
  • Efficient workflows: Streamline your operations from inspection to estimation to installation
  • Enhanced client experience: Intuitive interfaces and relevant documents for both you and your clients, ensuring seamless project discussions.

Introducing your ultimate timesaver – and Hover

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