Training and support matter in software implementation

Training and support matter in software implementation

Why do training and support matter so much?

When any company invests in any new technology, they need the most effective tools to help with training and support for implementation. AppliCad has nearly 30 years’ experience implementing their software all around the world. We understand the importance of effective training and support to ensure a successful implementation.

Since launching the AppliCad Roof Wizard online training course at, hundreds of our users have participated in the course. In fact it has been so popular and effective that we have dropped classroom training except for custom training on demand. Our online materials help people learn when they want, when they need it.

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Take time to learn


New YouTube videos in our online training course

We know that different people learn in different ways – ‘read the instructions’ or ‘follow along with me’. So, we further enhanced our online course to cope with all the different ways people learn; we added a YouTube video to every single exercise, showing exactly how the exercise is to be completed. This provides clear direction and confirmation that learners are using the correct techniques, further enhancing the effectiveness of AppliCad’s training modules.

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Many ways to learn AppliCad’s Roof Wizard

Between the AppliCad Academy, Support FAQ and the online help (, very few, if any, software for this industry has the level of support for its Roof Wizard software users like AppliCad has. It takes many years to build the knowledge and experience, let alone develop the learning resources as AppliCad has done to full effect.

It takes more than a clever app to develop a professional solution and ensure full realisation of business benefits. Training and support are critical to successful implementations and few vendors do it well.


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