Where to buy the Roof Wizard?

In an instagram live broadcast today, we showed Ray Smith, AppliCad’s founder and Managing Director, giving a live demo of our software via web conference. So the question came up on where to buy the Roof Wizard? That’s why we thought to give you a bit of an update here.

Screenshot of AppliCad instagram capture live demo
Ray Smith conducting a live demo today

One of the Instagram viewers asked whether the Roof Wizard is also available in the United States, and the answer is YES, of course! In fact, our software is used in over 140 countries in the World.

The software runs on a web license basis, so you (or the company you work for) can simply purchase a license and you can get going straight away.

Want to try before you buy? Take advantage of our free 5-day trial, and make sure you go through the online training modules to get you started.

Are you curious what it all looks like inside? Check out our free online tutorials on YouTube.

Where to buy the Roof Wizard?

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