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AppliCad Software is the world leader in software for professional estimators preparing roofing and cladding proposals, generating cutting lists, supplier orders and fabrication details – automating all your manual processes with the most advanced technology available.

Roof Wizard Software

Our Roof Wizard software enables you to get more done, in less time, with greater accuracy and with the highest quality client proposals – in the office or on site.


The AppliCad process of modelling in 3D provides you with total confidence in the final result. The model is the job – if it checks correct, then it is. The process is reproducible meaning that regardless who completes the job the result will be the same, providing total accuracy of output, for all your work.
Accuracy is Confidence.


Creating your 3D model from a PDF, aerial image or field measurements is quick and easy. With most modelling functions totally automatic – a single mouse click away. You can turn a request for quotation around quickly, efficiently and accurately – confident that it is correct.
Build your Business.


Modelling your roof in 3D and simulating the installation of all your roof materials is like a dress rehearsal for your complete project.   You know it will be OK on the day because you have ‘rehearsed it’ on your model – plus all options can be explored without incurring any further expense.
Confidence is Control.

AppliCad relentlessly pursues the best way to work, investing heavily in research and development and works closely with all our customers around the world, in 148 countries – everyone has something to contribute to the process of improvement.

AppliCad Roof Wizard is suited to any commercial, industrial or residential roofing or cladding project and provides the most accurate 3D roof and wall modelling and measurement functionality. The advanced tools generate detailed reports featuring complete material lists of everything for your job including all trim, fascia, gutter and downspouts, labour summaries, roof geometry such as pitch, length and area reports that substantially increase your professionalism, profitability and efficiency.  AppliCad provides detailed, accurate reports from architect’s PDF’s, aerial imagery and hand drawn sketches. Read more about the new  Roof Wizard with Solar Wizard tools or try it for yourself.


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User Support Services

All users of AppliCad software benefit from one of the most complete programs in the industry, and have the confidence of knowing that they are fully supported.

  • Online resources such as a detailed, self paced online modelling training course
  • A modelling bureau service for those jobs that you do not have the skills or the time to do yourself
  • The most comprehensive user guide of any program in the industry
  • Hotline to our team of experts – via email, phone or web meeting
  • Knowing that the guys behind this have decades of experience between them – to support you.

AppliCad software automates manual processes and provides the most accurate 3D roof and wall modelling and measurement functionality for manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

What our customers say…

“AppliCad is awesome estimating software that automates the manual takeoff process for roof and wall panels.  more…
– Gabe Savely, Director of Component Sales, Star Building Systems, TX

“AppliCad Roof Wizard is working perfectly fine.  It’s done wonders for time management and accuracy.  Using Applicad has allowed us to quadruple our sheeting sales in the time I’ve been using it.  Thanks a whole bunch to Ray and his team.”
–  Pinky Dhaver, TechniStrut, Johannesburg, South Africa

“AppliCad’s backup and support I believe, is second to none and with continual commitment to improvement of their software I look forward to a long lasting relationship with the company and their software.”
– John Illman, Stratco, Perth, WA

“In this industry, where margins are so tight, we cannot afford to have inaccurate bids reducing our profit margins.  With the significant cost savings from accurate quotations my AppliCad software has paid for itself many times over.”
– Dales Bowles, Maroondah Roofing, Bayswater, Vic

“I’ve been chasing the ApplCad guys down for at least seven years.   Now that I have the software and see the full potential that the software has to offer, I feel foolish for not having acted sooner.”
– Craig Junker, River Roofing, Bend, OR

“Roof Wizard is a great program! It is catered to the roofing market. Modeling and modifying is simplified for even a basic user and the training provided by AppliCad both onsite and online breaks down using the software into an easy to understand format. The modeling capabilities of the software combined with the software’s capability to be used with multiple other software formats and the willingness of the AppliCad folks to help make their software best work for us gives this program nearly unlimited potential for multiple facets.”
Derek Barnes, Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation, Lousiville, KY

“We like the Roof Wizard as it provides an accurate & quick estimate.  Once the drawings have been completed, everything else to produce the quotation/estimate, has fairly well been done, just whip the price off to the customer.   Make sure you get good training it is well worth it.”
– Nathan Maxwell, C S Roofing Canterbury Ltd, NZ

“Roof Wizard can do anything you want it to, it’s only limited by the user.  AppliCad has excellent customer service, support & back up.   If you find yourself struggling all that’s needed is a call or email and POW!!! problem sorted!!   Team Hamilton have been using AppliCad’s suite of products for over 13 years.  Roof Wizard & Warlock (for walls / siding) have now been merged / combined into one powerful package.”
– Tim Hamilton, Hamilton Roofing (Aust) P/L, Currumbin, QLD

“Easy take-offs from digital files or overhead pictures. Dead accurate material order lists, includes every piece, screw, flashing, etc.   Makes it easy to quote very different materials at one time.”
– Tony Capan,  Oakwood Roofing, Winipeg, CA

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