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1:   How do I control content in my Word report template?

2:   When I try to open up the software I get the messages 'Cannot create unique file name' followed by 'Cannot create temporary layer name table'.

3:   What minimum specs do I need to run the software?

4:   When generating a report using my MS Word template, Word goes straight to Save before running any key text strings and the software then crashes

5:   Can I import other CAD files into Roof Wizard software?

6:   What does the following error mean? "Unable to save current state of software to disk"

7:   How do I set and/or check the location or file path of the ...User folder on my network? My data files seem to have disappeared. Check file path settings.

8:   AppliCad can't start - api-ms-crt-runtime error is reported.

9:   When I open my software it reports that the Subscription Period has Expired and reverts to a Read Only mode.

10:   How do I set up new battens to appear under Cover > Select Tile?

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