Why you should use 3D roof models

3D roof models make a difference to your bottom line

The best reason for prototyping a new construction before actually building it: It allows you to pick up any mistakes before it is too late. The 3D roof models enable the software to calculate exact quantities of all labour and materials, including accessories, before you even quote. In metal roofing and cladding, this may be more important than for tiles and shingles.

Quote roofing and cladding with confidence

When you use 3D models, you can be confident you are quoting on the basis of the most cost effective way to install roofing materials. Use the Roof Wizard’s unique waste optimisation tools on an average metal roof, and you can save anywhere from 5%-18% per job, which translates to a lot of money.
Good things keep happening in the installation phase. You will be able to deliver the exact required materials, including fall barriers, underlay, gutters, and fascia. You can even calculate all labour and delivery charges, staged for large projects if required, so that all materials and contractors are on site exactly on time .
All the above means you can quote the best price for your clients, and the get the most profitable result for you.

Use Roof Wizard on-the-go

You can use the Roof Wizard on a computer or tablet like the Surface anywhere you have internet access, in the office, or on the road.
This image shows a screenshot with a 3D roof model in www.applicad.com Roof Wizard Software for roofing and cladding


How you can learn more about the Roof Wizard

The Roof Wizard is full professional grade software. You will need to invest a little time to learn the software. We have a range of ways how you can learn.
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