AppliCad Academy — 3 easy steps towards using the best software for metal roofing

AppliCad Academy — 3 easy steps towards using the best software for metal roofing

Welcome to the AppliCad Academy!

We know learning a new software can be daunting, however we also know how lucrative it is for your roofing business if you are willing to invest some time into it.

Different people like to learn in different ways, that’s why we have a range of learning options available. The most popular is our AppliCad Academy, a fully online course that allows you to train at your own pace and time.

Learning with the Academy is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Download free Roof Wizard trial software
  2. Register using your email address
  3. Learn accurate estimating with Roof Wizard – the first module is free*.

The AppliCad Academy is the proven, most effective way to learn how to get the most from your investment in AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software. The course is based on the training curriculum of our widely regarded three-day classroom training course that has been delivered to professional roofing people, all over the world.

We use the AppliCad Academy for our own estimators

AppliCad staff train with the AppliCad Academy

We train our inhouse staff with the AppliCad Academy


Training in the AppliCad Academy is convenient and cost effective — designed to allow you to start and stop as time permits. You can run it from home or at the office and totally at your convenience. All you need is Roof Wizard software on your PC and an internet connection. The AppliCad Academy is how we train our own professional staff, who typically complete the entire course in just three days full time. We then put them to work producing real commercial jobs the very next day. The course is a comprehensive and thoughtfully structured program that starts with the basics and quickly gets you into t! he more powerful software functions.

How it works

All sections of each module of the AppliCad Academy are tested and you cannot progress to the next section until you pass each test. This ensures that you have indeed understood what you have learned. It also means that you have met the standard required to be called an AppliCad Roof Wizard operator.

AppliCad Academy online training screenshot

AppliCad Academy has step-by-step modules to guide you through the learning process


The AppliCad Academy training modules

Module Zero – Start Here, The Process

1 – Brief Introduction to Roof Wizard
2 – Create a 3D Model
3 – Check the Model Geometry
4 – Apply Material, Generate Proposal

Module One – Introduction to 3D Modelling

1 – Overview of the AppliCad Process
2 – Modelling Roof Geometry Exercise
3 – Checking the Roof Geometry
4 – Modelling the Roof Exercise

Module Two – Single Storey Structures

1 – Overhangs and Gables
2 – Barge/Rake Lines
3 – Dormers
4 – Dutch Gables
5 – Odd Shape Roofs – Hor/Ver
6 – ModRoof – Add Architectural Features

Module Three – Multi-level Structures

1 – Two Storey Roof
2 – More Two Storey
3 – Single Plane Roofs
4 – Some Quite Complex Models
5 – Even More Complex Models
6 – Tracing PDF’s

Module Four – Advanced Model Techniques

1 – Special Conditions
2 – ‘Smartlines’ Basics
3 – Advanced ‘Smartlines’
4 – Mirror, Copy, Rotate Models
5 – Tracing PDF Documents
6 – Special Roof Shapes
7 – Tracing Aerial Images

Module Five – Basic Set-Up

1 – Settings & Preferences
2 – Defining Fasteners
3 – Defining Panels
4 – Defining Tiles/Shingles
5 – Defining Flashing/Trim and Allowances
6 – Defining Accessories

Why should you put effort into your learning?

AppliCad trained operators are in demand worldwide. Improve your business and your career prospects and complete the AppliCad Academy online training course as soon as you can.

Join the 100’s of people who have already completed this training – the first module is free* and if you don’t have software, you can download the free trial of Roof Wizard right here.

Online training – working at your own pace and as time permits. Your new future starts right here – register, login and start now!

Roof Wizard – Because you get more done, in less time, with greater accuracy and with the highest quality client proposals – in your office or on site – Example Report.

*Did we mention that the the first module is free! There are six modules in total, starting with simple structures and progressing to advanced modelling techniques – each module is just $200 (plus tax if applicable).

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