3 good reasons to use our estimating service

There are 3 good reasons why you should use our in-house estimating service:

1. “What was the architect thinking!”

Do you feel you spend way too much time getting this tricky roof scaled, modelled, done and estimated?


AppliCad helps estimate complex roofs

Complex roof and accessories?


Don’t worry, we feel your pain.

Luckily we thrive on tricky roof situations here at AppliCad, and we have done it for years and years. It makes our estimating service reliable, fast, and efficient. Since we created the Roof Wizard software, we navigate it in our sleep.


2. “I just can’t keep up with our job list, why do people all ring at once!”

Would you rather spend more time installing roofs and sending invoices than trying to win more jobs? How does a quote turnaround time of 48 hours instead of a typical week sound?

AppliCad Roof Estimation service helps you clear your in tray

Do you have too many estimates to handle?

Let us do the chores for you. You can be confident that your quotes will be accurate and quality-tested by our team of expert roof estimators based in Melbourne. We can even produce all reports on your branded templates, so all you need to do is forward them to your client.


3. “I just can’t find any good estimators!” 

Have you recently tried to employ in-house estimators but can’t get any? It’s hard to find experienced roof estimators due to the current skills shortage.

Qualified roof estimators are hard to find

Cannot find any qualified roof estimators?

We know the estimators’ job takes a while to learn, and it is a tedious one with a high drop-off rate once you have trained your new staff. On top of that, in phases of low business activity, your estimators do not contribute directly to your bottom line.

How does it work?

You provide us with any of these:

  • Architect’s drawing (PDF)
  • Architect’s plan (PDF)
  • Aerial image (drone, Google or Nearmap)
  • Field drawing (scanned)
  • Site location coordinates or site address

And we create any or all of these for you:

  • 3D model to import into your AppliCad Roof Wizard Software
  • Detailed client proposal with your company details (roof plan, dimensioned roof diagram, length and area summary, material list and panel cutting list)

How much does it cost?

Every roofing or cladding job is different, that is why we quote on a job-by-job basis for you to review before you order the service.

Option 1:

Register here and enter details of your roof and walls (commercial in confidence, we do not share any data, please see our privacy statement here).

Option 2:

Call us today on 03-9878 5000 and speak to one of our friendly team members or send an email enquiry to enquiries@applicad.com


What our clients say:

“Our experience with AppliCad’s Roof Estimating Bureau was like a breath of fresh air and provided a seamless way for us to overcome our estimating issues.”
– Judi Wallace, Director, Barrier Roofing, NZ.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending AppliCad’s RoofEstimating.com website as a solution for businesses looking to replace or bolster their existing estimating processes.”
– Greg Onley, Lysaght Dubbo.