Export to Microsoft Excel easily with Roof Wizard

Seamless roof estimating across programs and equipment

Many of the outstanding features of the AppliCad Roof Wizard software have been around for a long time. A lot of of them have been forgotten and now are completely overlooked. So, we thought we might remind you of some. Did you know that you can export to Microsoft Excel easily?



Roof Wizard’s LIVE LINK to Excel or Word – Generate reports with a mouse-click!

Take, for example, the seamless live link to Microsoft Excel or Word in Roof Wizard’s Report Editor tool. It lets you automatically generate

  • cutting lists
  • material costs
  • panel layout drawings.

This way, because all the information about the roof, materials, and labour automatically drops into your Excel spreadsheet, you are sure there will be no errors from manual data entry or transfer.

From there, create very comprehensive and detailed reports that define an entire job and output with a single mouse click.

Custom templates to cater for your specific needs

You get to define all Roof Wizard report templates to suit the exact needs of your business – from a single page summary to the entire job installation layout, complete with waste factors and cutting lengths. Or, you can simply export to Microsoft Excel, if that’s what you want. You can even create a cutting list in the format needed by your roll-former (subject to the roll-former control), thus completely eliminating cutting errors. The reports can include a detailed panel layout, section by section – developed entirely automatically by the Roof Wizard tool.

Here is a sample of a Roof Wizard report using a Microsoft Office template

How is Roof Wizard so accurate and versatile?

Anything you do with the Roof Wizard is based on the integrity of the 3D model (roof or siding) you create using the most basic measurement data – from an aerial image or an Architect’s PDF document. Using automated roof estimating tools such as AppliCad’s Roof Wizard is all about accuracy, efficiency and repeatability. Of the many estimating programs around, only Roof Wizard delivers at the highest level expected and required for metal roofing and cladding.