From Shingles to Metal: Why you Need a Metal Cost Calculator

What’s the difference between estimating a roofing job for shingles or metal? We’ve got all the information you need right here, and Roof Wizard is the metal cost calculator that helps you move into the metal market!

Image shows roofer placing shingles. Text reads Shingle roofer wanting to get into metal roofing? Mind the gap in job quoting! For accurate calculations, switch to AppliCad For: From Shingles to Metal – Why you Need a Metal Cost Calculator

Roofing is an important part of protecting residential homes against the elements. It’s also a big investment that will last for years. In the U.S., 3-Tab shingles make up 75% of the residential roofing market. With material prices for shingles going up, metal roofing has become a viable alternative to shingles. But how do you calculate materials for metal roofs? We’ve got all the information you need right here.

Estimating for shingles vs calculating metal

Roofers who want to get into metal roofing will have to understand the most important rule in metal roofing – you need to get the material calculation right before you even turn up at the job site. That’s because you cannot give back any overflow material or off-cuts, and it’s also not possible to ‘stretch’ metal once you have cut it too short. The potential for wastage is big.

With shingles, you can estimate jobs. However, you need to calculate materials and accessories to stay profitable with metal. That’s where other estimating software falls short, and that’s why we like to refer to our Roof Wizard as a metal cost calculator.

AppliCad Roof Wizard is specialised in metal roofing

In metal roofing, it’s not enough to estimate your roof’s lengths and squares. You’ll need professional software that can help you get the job calculation as close to accurate as possible. You can do that by building your roof model in 3D (from the plan or an aerial shot), applying the exact metal product you want, and the software will give you all you need to get the job done perfectly.

Four steps to get an accurate metal cost calculation

To calculate the total cost of installing a new metal roof on your residential roofing project, follow these steps in Roof Wizard:


Whether it’s an existing building or a brand new construction, just input the measurements from PDF plans, a site measure or scale an aerial roof image.


Input the pitch and eave height, and Roof Wizard will create a full 3D model of the roof. You can also add any architectural features like dormers and split gables.


Apply all the materials for the roof and walls, including tiles, panels, cladding, flashings, battens/purlins, right down to the last clip and screw. You can even apply fall protection and insulation.


Roof Wizard writes all your reports automatically into MS-Word and MS-Excel. Order forms for the supplier, quotes for the builder, and install diagrams for the installer. All ready to print straight away.

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