Have you had ‘enough’?

The year 2018 slowly draws to a close. We have A for arrived in what we call the ‘silly season’. B for beach, backyard cricket and barbeques beckon us to slow down a little, and to reflect on the year that was.
After B comes C for Christmas/Chilling and D for Done (until it all starts again in January).
This morning, Ray, AppliCad’s owner, and me, Kristina, the communications person, were wondering… have we done E for enough?

“Have we done ‘ E for enough’?”

Meaning, have you, our clients, felt how much we actually care about offering you the strongest possible software tool with the Roof Wizard?
Did you feel well informed about new functions we introduced and about our amazing team of estimators who help our clients every day?
Did you feel listened to and were you helped with any problems you may have had?

We’d love to hear from you!

Tell us what you would like us to do better in the coming year. Send an email with your thoughts to ray@applicad.com, or kristina@applicad.com. We will take your feedback on board.
Next week Friday will be our team planning day, where we will turn over every stone, trying to make next year better for you.
The AppliCad team will go into our ‘reduced activity period’ over the holidays between Dec 14 – Jan 9, 2019. We do not close down, we just have a few hands less on deck during that time. Enough to be there for you when you need us.