Learning roof estimating software

Is learning roof estimating software too hard?

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Scenario 1

It’s Sunday late afternoon, the lunch roast is weighing heavily in your tummy, and all you wanna do is kick back and snooze in the afternoon sun.


…you promised three new clients to give them their quotes asap, and you can see the drawings and measurements hanging over the side of your desk, underneath Friday night’s half empty tea mug which has left wet, warbly rings in the papers.

Okay then. Off to work instead. Punching numbers into the spreadsheet, you think something’s not right here…. One of the measurements for the re-roofing project is clearly wrong, it just doesn’t make sense. You compare the architect’s plan to your measurements and nope – that ain’t right at all!
Mumbling under your breath you solemnly swear to go up the roof yourself again next time!

Monday morning you ring your subbie to get him to retake the measurements. You ring the new client to grovel and say that there will be another interruption to their day and a delay in getting the quote back to them.


AppliCad Sunday Snooze thanks to learning Roof Wizard software

AppliCad Sunday Snooze thanks to learning Roof Wizard software

Scenario 2

It’s Sunday late afternoon, and you are snoozing on your couch after a pleasant Sunday roast.

You are relaxed and looking forward to getting the go-ahead on your re-roofing quote you whipped up in 15 minutes on Friday before you went into your weekend.

There were some glitches in the measurements, but thanks to your Roof Wizard professional roofing software you could quickly detect it, fix it, and still get an accurate quote out even before the client expected it. You are also confident that you have correctly calculated and protected your margins on the job, because you used the block-cutting method which allows you to reduce material waste to about 2% only. On top of it all, you have saved on labour cost, because you did not need your subbie to go up the roof for measurements.

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