Metal roofing is compelling

Metal roofing is compelling. Image shows a metal roof in Tampa, Florida.

Metal Roof in Tampa, FL

Metal roofing is compelling, and it is in increasing demand. This is also true for residential roofing – it looks good, has a huge range of styles and appearances and lasts a very long time when installed correctly. As a result, many U.S. roofers are making the switch, maybe not completely, but at least they are putting their “toe in the water”.

Metal Roofing is compelling – so what’s different about roofing in metal you ask…

One thing that roofers find intimidating at first is the precision required to estimate job costs accurately. Our purpose-built Roof Wizard software program has nearly 28 years of development and user testing behind it and provides a huge help in this regard.

We know what it takes, and we share our knowledge with you.


About 75% of all roofing installed in Australia and New Zealand is estimated using AppliCad’s Roof Wizard, and up to 65% of all that material is metal!

With software in 148 countries, a lot of know-how is built in to every single license. From clever tools for optimising the use of offcut material (otherwise ending up as waste) to full integration with Microsoft Word for detailed report generation.

Roof Wizard has capability that most people in the industry haven’t even thought of yet.


These are just some of the integrated functions:

  • detailed cutting lists for all parts and accessories
  • detailed breakdown of labor
  • user defined report templates
  • output to production machinery and business management system are all integrated.

There are no ‘optional extras’ with your Roof Wizard software; it’s all just there when you need it.

We care about our clients, and everything in the software is there because someone, somewhere has asked for it to be there. The Roof Wizard has the most advanced capabilities in a most economical annual license package that includes comprehensive documentation, all updates and unlimited operator support.

Online training, working at your own pace and as time permits

We offer a comprehensive and very cost effective online training course. It takes a new operator through all the key functions – in their own time, at their own pace and without leaving their desk. We use the same course to train our internal staff, so we know it works!

How can you get onboard?

If your business is contemplating getting involved in metal roofing (and why wouldn’t you!), then one of your first stops simply has to be to download a free trial or even order and download without any delay.



Metal roofing is compelling

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