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The AppliCad Roof Wizard software provides roof and wall cladding material estimators with a complete suite of tools for modelling, estimating and presentation in three dimensions that are the most cost effective in the world. However, many people think investing into professional software is ‘expensive’ – so we give you our ROI Calculator! Our method of ‘modelling short-hand’ allows very accurate take-offs and complete bill of quantities in minutes not hours.

We have provided a simple example below to demonstrate the RoI (return on investment) in our software for the average roofing contractor’s estimating department. Plug in your own costs and job situation and study the benefits to your company. Quantifiable benefits flow to the Inventory, Accounting and Installation departments as well.

Review this Analysis of Business Benefits document for a summary of the savings in other departments.

Do your own RoI Calculation – The cost benefit analysis.

The return on investment (R0I) using AppliCad roof estimating software demonstrates how quickly you get a return on the initial investment. The example below is from the estimating department and just covers time savings. You can reasonably add to this the benefit to other departments of better documentation generated automatically; material savings through waste reduction; reduction of costly errors from omission of materials and more. Even counting the additional cost of implementation and training, the investment is less than 10% of any manual method, and the results are more accurate and reliable.

Let’s run a typical job (and typical will vary from one business to another); the scenario is – a job lands on the estimator’s desk, and some variation of the following steps are required to complete a quotation for that job:

Steps to complete a typical job Time to complete task (in minutes)
Typical tasks AppliCad Software Manual Method
Review info supplied 2 2
Ring client to confirm detail 2 2
Check dimensions of detail supplied * 0 3
Input roof dimensions 4 0
Determine areas with calculator @ 0 14
Select materials and trim 1 1
Take-off materials required @ 0 10
Take-off accessories required @ 0 9
Take-off labour cost summary @ 0 7
Complete ‘Quote Form’ @ 0 6
Complete ‘Roof Drawing’ @ 0 5
Complete ‘Cutting List’ / ‘Materials List’ @ 1 8
Complete ‘Order Form’ @ 0 3
Sub total for this job 10 70
Total for three jobs per day 30 minutes 210 minutes

* – indicates processes that the software checks for me,
@ – indicates processes that the software does automatically for me

So, with just 3 bids per day, or 15 bids per average working week, the software would allow you to complete these 15 quotations in just two and a half hours. Doing the same work manually would have taken about seventeen hours.

At an hourly charge out rate of say $25 per hour for the 10 hours saved, your business is at least $250.00 per week better off and you are freed up to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

ROI > 471% in year one.
Expressed another way, you pay for an annual license in just seven weeks.

This ROI does not take account of the additional benefits of improved accuracy and reduced material waste, and further benefits to other departments created by the efficiencies of the estimating process.

In our example above the return on investment to the business in the first year of operation (based on 48 working weeks) is a staggering 471%. In subsequent years the return is even higher. And this is just from the time savings of one department – the Estimating Department.

Add the improved efficiency passed to the inventory department, the accounting and installation departments and you can potentially get an annual ROI of more than 1000%!

Warning – Please understand that we know this works, but we make no promises. Consider this analogy: You wish to lose weight and get fit; you join the local gymnasium but do not pound the treadmill or pump the required iron. You don’t lose the weight and you don’t get fit. That is not the fault of the gymnasium. You must commit the time and effort to lose the weight and get fit.

Implementing a professional software system such as AppliCad’s Roof Wizard is much the same situation. To make the software work for you, you must invest a little time to learn to use it correctly and set up the product databases to suit your method of working. With the support of our technical team, it’s easy enough, but will not happen without you.

Can you afford to wait any longer before you start with AppliCad?
More bids done = more bids won, and more time to manage your business!

Use this ROI calculator to test your own situation:

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Your ROI

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