Roof Calculator App for Roofers on the Go

Now even better!

Roof Calculator App For Roofers On the Go – Free!

We know that many simple roofing projects can be estimated on the go, and it’s often practical to have a reliable app to do calculations for you, there and then. That’s why we have created Roof Wizard’s pocket-sized cousin, the Roof Calculator App, accessible directly from our home page.





The image shows the new Roof Calculator app portal on our website

Find the app portal on our website


This image shows a screenshot of AppliCad Roof Calculator App

AppliCad Roof Calculator App Screenshot


What does it do?

The Roof Calculator calculates roof areas, feature lengths, number of roof shingles, panels, or tiles, on your phone or tablet, free of charge.


How can I use the app?

The app works on any phone or tablet that has access to the internet. If you are using an iPhone, you can simply go to the web app, then add a shortcut icon to your home screen for quick and easy access:

This image shows a screenshot of the Roof Calculator Web App Icon