Roof Wizard 8.2

Getting it ‘just right’ for our clients with Roof Wizard 8.2 – by Ray Smith

With our recent, highly anticipated release of Roof Wizard 8.2, we seem to have topped market expectations, getting it just right for clients. The first cohort of clients who have upgraded already after last week’s release all give us the thumbs up.

How we decided what to add (and what not)

As I reflect on this major release, reviewing the many enhancements, I am chuffed to bits because this version draws the line under an eclectic wish list our clients had given us to make AppliCad even better since v8.0. We were able to significantly improve functionality in a way that makes sense to our specific clients, professional roofing and cladding contractors, and manufacturers/distributors, in 148 countries.

When I say the improvements make sense to our clients, I mean that in our development, we did not get drawn into fads that the market may expect from interacting with other software (such as software functionality on a mobile), but in our high-end specialised user environment would not add any significant benefit.

Roof Wizard 8.2 Metal Roof Installation benefits – minimising waste of time and materials

Roof Wizard 8.2 Metal Roof Installation benefits – minimising waste of time and materials

AppliCad is a complete software solution that integrates with business management systems such as SAP as well as roll-forming machine controllers, and it requires commitment from our clients’ IT departments through to their estimating and installation departments to yield its true and full potential.


Roof Wizard 8.2 – an unmissable item on a metal roofing company’s software toolkit

Roof Wizard 8.2 optimises the use of metal roof panels for a job, adding approximately 10 – 15% margin to your bottom line through saving and reusing off-cut material and improving efficiency and accuracy during installation.

Overall, a range of new functions will make this software an unmissable item in the business toolkit, especially for medium to large contracting firms who are serious about being in the growing metal roofing segment.

For over 26 years, I have seen many changes in the industry, and I am adamant that innovation is paramount to our longstanding, global success over these years and into the future.


The Roof Wizard 8.2 now supports a convenient web licensing model, placing the software on a flexible working platform for dynamic, multi-user environments. Unique to this program is a complex Block-Cut technique that minimises waste and feeds data directly into roll forming machines if desired.

We released the much anticipated Roof Wizard 8.2 last week and I will also be present it at METALCON17, Las Vegas in October.

Will I see you there?