Roof Wizard Assemblies Tool

Tired of counting and pricing fixings? Our Roof Wizard Assemblies Tool will do it for you!

We know…..metal roofing is a complex business. There are hundreds of substrates, profiles, assemblies, finishes and fixings to choose from. This makes pricing a metal roofing job difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we developed the Assemblies Tool.

In comes the Roof Wizard Assemblies Tool

The Assemblies Tool is a very clever application within the Roof Wizard application (an app in an app if you like!).

Roof Wizard Assemblies Tool

Roof Wizard Assemblies Tool (Screenshot)


It allows estimators who work on complex commercial or industrial jobs to extract exact materials for trim systems, based on the panel type  substrate it is being installed on, easily.

Sounds great! How do I set it up?

To get the most from the Roof Wizard program and Assemblies Tool, ask the local office guru to define how panels and assemblies go together, and then apply costs to each component and then you’re ready to go.

Save time

The estimator then doesn’t need to worry about the individual item price or variation, because the assemblies tool will take care of it.

Imagine how much time this will save per job, day, week, month….

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