Roof Wizard in Demand by Employers

Roof Wizard in Demand by Employers

Skilled Roof Estimators are in demand on the current job market. Just today, we did some research into one of Australia’s leading job search sites,  We are grateful to be in a position where 5 out 6 roofing organisations advertising for roof estimators in Australia rely on the high quality, end-to-end functionality only Roof Wizard software can provide.

Our industry experience underpins the software’s end-to-end strength

Roof Wizard is based on 27 years of software development – with industry, for industry.

Our software has helped estimate 75% of Australian roofs over the years, and we pass on the things we learnt along the way by continuously developing and improving the software, in close cooperation with our industry partners.

This is why Roof Wizard has become the standard estimation software, especially in the metal roofing segment, where calculating materials just through areas and lengths will not give contractors the competitive edge needed to grow a sustainable business.

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Roof Wizard in Demand by Employers

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