Roof Wizard integrates with other programs

We often get asked whether the Roof Wizard does job management tasks or integrates with other programs. We concentrate on being really specific in the technical side of roof and cladding estimation. BUT: Roof Wizard of course interacts seamlessly with other programs. In fact, it has done so since 1998, when we introduced our GRIM (Generic Roofing Interface Method) file format.

GRIM Files

If this sounds all geeky and you are interested, here is the original GRIM press release and specification:

GRIM is a universal method of sharing job and customer data between Applicad’s roofing software and any other job management, accounting, costing, or database programs. Data can be manually or automatically read into the roofing software, and job measurements and details can be exported from the roofing software.

RXF Files

Another file format we have invented years ago (2000) is the Roof eXchange Format, .rxf. The AppliCad .rxf format is a simple format that we designed to permit Roof Plane information (from truss design programs) to be imported into the AppliCad software.

Want to read more about .rxf?

Roof Wizard integrates with other programs

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