Myth #1 – Roof Wizard is complicated

Myth #1 – Roof Wizard is complicated

Let’s face it: Roofing, especially metal roofing, can be complicated. As a result, our software functionality is complex; from new users we hear it is “hard to set up”, and “difficult to learn”. It all seems like Roof Wizard is complicated. Well, the truth is: The Roof Wizard is only as ‘complicated’ as YOU make it, in line with YOUR business needs.

Let’s look at two extremes:

Case 1 – Our contractor friend here in Australia who has one profile (corrugated) and one hip and ridge flashing (roll top ridge) – his set up takes all of a couple of minutes.  Not a problem.

Case 2 – Another great friend in Texas – they are a manufacturer doing estimates for their contractor customers. He has 75 different profiles and different trim assemblies for different substrate options (open rafters or steel deck or ply deck). This results in a staggering 275,000 inventory items, any one of which may be included in combination for panel profile, trim profile, substrate option. That’s complicated. However, once set up (yes, it took days to complete and check!) a detailed list of every single nut, bolt, screw, clip and tube of goop now is automatically extracted by the software, in seconds, for even the most complex roof designs.

We know that Roof Wizard software is complex, and that’s because the metal roofing business is.

Roof Wizard makes this complexity easy to manage. To extract the full benefit, you have to put a bit of effort in. That’s a bit like going to the gym to get fit. You don’t get fit watching others sweat, you have to do a bit, too.

Here is how it works

  1. Model it.

Myth Roof Wizard is complicated AppliCad complex metal roof

2. Check it, and 75 seconds later you get to

3. Apply roof panels and generate cutting lists, with all accesssories

Myth Roof Wizard is complicated AppliCad Roof Roof Wizard software panel and cutting list

4. then apply Roof Trim and generate cutting list, with all accessories.

Myth Roof Wizard is complicated AppliCad Roof Wizard Flashing Cutting List

5. Cost the whole job – labor and materials

It all appears in the Supply and Install dialog – now select which output report you want, from your list of 20+ report options including supplier order forms.

Myth Roof Wizard is complicated AppliCad Roof Wizard Supply and Install Quote

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Myth #1 – Roof Wizard is complicated

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