Roof Wizard output helps roofing businesses work better

A lot of roofing businesses struggle to get their take-offs done and back to the client within reasonable timeframes. They use manual methods to estimate which are time consuming and rely on individual estimators’ skills and therefore prone to human error.

The AppliCad Roof Wizard software provides roofing and cladding material estimators with a complete suite of tools for roof modelling, estimating and presentation that are the most cost effective in the world.

AppliCad software works for your roofing and cladding business – on several levels, when you take account of how our various outputs can be used in other parts of your business.   This is not just about making your estimators look good.  It can make improvements all the way through your business and this paper describes how.  We hope it helps.  Executive Summary…

Roofing business investment in software

Why you should invest in software