Roof Wizard – Use Its Full Capacity with the Online User Manual

Are you accessing all the information you can about Roof Wizard?

For many of our clients, AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software is a mission critical component of their business and therefore it is paramount for all users to have ready access to the most up to date and complete user information, when and where they need it. This used to be our PDF User Manual.

Now, we have moved away from a printable user manual in PDF form to an online solution. This ensures users always have access to the most up-to-date version, as we continuously add to the online manual as well as FAQs we receive.

From 1,000 Pages User Manual PDF to Fully Searchable Database

Now, users can discover and refer to the Roof Wizard’s full functionality with detailed descriptions and illustrations here:

This image shows a screenshot of AppliCad Roof Wizard's User Manual Online Help Menu

Save this tab in your browser for quick and easy access.

New in-software dialog help boxes – Help is just a click away now

Now that we published the manual via the web, all relevant information is seamlessly linked to the actual function in the software. When you have a dialog box open and can’t quite figure out what to do, you simply click the [Help] or [?] in the corner of the dialog and the system will provide you with the information you need, there and then.

AppliCad Roof Wizard – On a Mission to Help Your Business Grow

That is what the experienced and committed AppliCad team have developed for you, so you get the best from your software investment and the most in the time it takes you to implement it.

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