Roof Wizard V10 has launched

Roof Wizard V10 is ready for download! This new major release version is a must-have if you are in the metal cladding/siding or metal roofing industry.

Below we have listed some of the enhancements, here you can read the full Roof Wizard V10 release documentation. 

image with text that says panel allowances for wall siding, improved visuals for wall reports, tile, shake and shingle accessories table output, internal and external wall flashing corner allowances, wall anel length are now stock lengths and minimise waste, specify number of tiles in bundle for easy ordering in bundles, seamless data export to the new NTM UNIQ-CS rollforming controller

We already received great feedback from our clients such as this:

“Thanks Ray, the modifications you have made are very timely, wall cladding is a growing market at the moment and these new features will assist greatly.”



The upgrade is free for existing Roof Wizard annual and monthly software license holders and perpetual license holder with current support (IP protection). You can download the upgrade from the License Manager here: