Roof Wizard video tutorials

Roof Wizard video tutorials

Our Roof Wizard is a fully professional CAD software. This means it cannot be learnt in a day like a basic tablet app. We know this, and we are doing our best to give you all the resources, support and learning options you need to get up and running with the software. One of them is giving you a series of Roof Wizard video tutorials to watch in your own time and whenever needed.

People learn in different ways, and great way to learn a software is via video tutorials. You may be aware of our YouTube channel with existing instructional clips to showcase the overall functionality of the Roof Wizard.

New series of 1-minute tutorials

Sometimes, when using the program, you may have a specific question in your mind such as “Hmmm, I wonder how I can extend this barge in my roof model?”

AppliCad tutorial video production for Roof Wizard video tutorials

AppliCad tutorial video production for Roof Wizard video tutorials

So, we created a brand new series of Roof Wizard video tutorials that are each

  • about 1 minute in length, and
  • based on a specific function or topic.

By the way – here is how to extend barge in Roof Wizard.

Check out the new series of tutorials here:

Getting Started

Modelling tips-
Drop Eave
Slice Hip

There will be more to come as we keep adding.