Why is Roof Wizard running slow?

The other day, we went out to one of our client sites here in Melbourne to investigate ‘Why is Roof Wizard running slow?’, and slow it was indeed.

A look at their data file directory quickly revealed why that might be the case – the software had to index 26,000 job files kept on the same drive as Roof Wizard. That might be compared to driving through mud with a speedboat. As none of those job files were active projects, it was straightforward to archive them (move them) to an external backup drive, for Roof Wizard to run at its intended optimal speed again.

Too many files on your drive can make Rood Wizard run slow

What shape are your data files in? We know that every business information setup is different, and yet they all have one thing in common: You need to declutter and regularly archive to get performance out of your software tools.

Tips on how to keep everything running smoothly

Here are our tips on how to declutter and keep your systems clean:

Option 1: Build it into your workflow; once a job is finished, file the job away on a different (archive) drive.

Option 2: Audit and archive your files regularly; for example, set aside time every quarter to move data files you no longer need into your archive drive.

Another issue we often see is the practice of saving all your jobs into one file. This can be a real problem if you happen to do a lot of work for one client and you save all the jobs for that client in one file – which becomes huge really quickly. The software has to load up the entire file, just to read one little job. So consider saving jobs for your regular customers in a series of separate files with a naming convention that helps you find the jobs again – for example, SmedleyRoofIng-Q1-19.dab – all jobs for Smedley’s Roofing for quarter 1 (first three months) of 2019. If the file is still huge, split it into monthly increments. You will still find them quickly, and the files will load up a lot quicker and save a lot faster.

With any of the above options, make sure that the archive drive is backed up regularly according to your business’s data security and recordkeeping requirements.

Call us if you need help

If you would like our help to make Roof Wizard run faster again, send us an email, and we will be happy to help you under your investment protection service arrangement with us, within the parameters of your information management policies and existing IT systems.

Why is Roof Wizard running slow?

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