Why you need dress rehearsals in roofing

Would you hold a speech, act in a play, sail a boat, or play golf without practice or dress rehearsals? We would not either, and yet this is exactly how a lot of roofing businesses still do their estimating work, often requiring recalculations and adjustments at short notice due to poor planning and estimating practices.

There are better ways to estimate than with pen and paper

AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software allows you to create the model of your roof in 3D, then select the exact material and simulate laying it on the model – like a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

You know the job will be okay on the day, because you rehearsed it on your 3D model. It also allows you to explore all the alternative options at no cost or waste of time.

AppliCad dress rehearsals metal shed

Imagine you could produce a precise cutting list for this shed quickly, roofing AND cladding

AppliCad dress rehearsals metal cutting list

With Roof Wizard software, you can!

Why our clients trust AppliCad

We know what we are doing – over 80% of all roofing installed in Australia and New Zealand is estimated using AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software. Our software is developed with industry – for industry. That is why professionals choose AppliCad software over ‘trendy’ apps with their inherent limitations. Do the maths here on why you should invest in professional software.

Do a better job, just give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Why you need dress rehearsals in roofing

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