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Technical note as regards implementation – All AppliCad software is developed to operate on Microsoft Windows, all versions. Any PC that runs MS Windows will run our software. Being a full function 3D CAD modelling program, it does like to have lots of RAM, but all today’s crop of computers usually have more than enough. It will also run perfectly adequately on a Mac using a Windows ‘sub-system’ such as Crossover, Fusion or Parallels.

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Please also note that we have software in 148 countries – our site requires you to tell us where you are so that we can present the price-list/order form to you in the appropriate currency. Click the ‘buy now’ button and you will get all the extra pricing details you need. Don’t worry, we do not store this information or transact anything until you tell us to do so. More details about privacy and security here..

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Roof Wizard Software Subscription

For 3D modelling and material take-off for metal roofing and cladding, trim and accessories – labour and materials; including Roof Wizard Read-Only version and seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Excel* – PLUS the entire AppliCad Academy online learning system free of cost.

*Requires MS Office to be installed on your PC - not supplied.

Now with Web Server Licensing - Install the software on all your PC's in the office and at home.  When you start the software, it checks the availability of a valid license.  If  the license is available, the software runs.   If the license is in use, and there are no available licenses then the software reverts to 'ReadOnly' mode allowing you to open jobs, check jobs and print reports.   When a license becomes available, it prompts the user that the license is available and may be switched to 'Full Mode'. All this extra capability at no extra cost.

Package includes Online Help files, FAQ, Learning Guide, Set Up Guide, Reference Guide and Introduction Tutorials, standards files, standard report template files, online learning system.

Your total investment varies because of local currency exchange rate variations, please click Buy Now, and register your details so we know where you live and the local price will be displayed. Once your payment is processed you will be emailed the link to the download of the latest version of our Roof Wizard software, then you can get to work.

AppliCad Invoice Payment – Use our convenient invoice payment page.

AppliCad Academy – the comprehensive, online learning experience for all versions of AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software.

AppliCad Investment Protection (IP) Program

This service is included in the initial purchase of any AppliCad software.
Renewal of IP is limited to licensees of a Roof Wizard Perpetual License only.

The service entitles you to all updates to the software as and when they are released; access to our developers for enhancements and bug fixes, regular eNews, YouTube channel, Google Groups and Facebook forums.

Investment Protection is included in all annual or monthly software license options. This service was included for 12 months in the initial purchase of the AppliCad software perpetual license options and must now be renewed every 12 months for continued access to the support service and the software updates. AppliCad Investment Protection on perpetual licenses may be paid for once each year - talk to your AppliCad support team member about your options.

Note: IP is not applicable to corporate Enterprise License Agreements (ELA). IP for these situations is established with the ELA and invoiced separately.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is payable by Australian customers. We accept VISA and MasterCard. The AppliCad online check-out is secure.
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