4 best tips how to successfully enter the metal roofing market

4 best tips how to successfully enter the metal roofing market

Many roofing contractors want to get a piece of the attractive, growing metal roofing market. Construction is up, and growing awareness and push towards sustainability has meant steadily rising numbers, both in the residential and commercial construction arena. Despite this overall market segment attractiveness, a lot of roofing contractors are hesitating, and wondering how to successfully enter the metal roofing market.

What are the perceived problems?

We have looked into this a bit further and have found that roofers typically see the following problems:

Vast range of metal roofing systems

There is a vast range of metal roofing systems from several manufacturers to choose from. All systems require their own specific accessories to ensure a quality finish of the roof. This alone can make the offering and installation of a metal roof quite complex when compared with more traditional roofing systems such as shingles or tiles.

Precision required in planning for materials

Current roofing practices are to estimate and adjust quantities during installation, as and when needed. However, metal roof sheets and trim cannot be ‘stretched’ if the lengths are too short. Over-supply is expensive and consumes the margin on a job. Further, the various hardware such as clips, brackets, and screws are usually purpose-built for the roof system. If they were overlooked in the bid process, then getting and delivering them to a site can cause expensive delays.

4 top tips to set yourself up for success in metal roofing

From our vast experience of over 25 years in the Australian metal roofing market (we gauge that about 80% of all metal roofs in Australia were calculated using our Roof Wizard software), we know what it takes to make (or break) a metal roofing contractor. In the end, it comes down to deploying efficient calculations and ordering processes, built on accurate and complete measurements.


“Are you shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic with job management-type roofing apps? Or are you using systems that help you detect the iceberg in time?” (Ray Smith)

TIP 1: Use professional roofing software to create an accurate bid

Rethink paper and pen, and even Microsoft Excel. Automating the bidding process with a professional roofing software is the first important stepping stone to many gains along the job life cycle. Set up all labour costs, materials and material pricing you wish to offer in your system once and for all. After that, you can easily select the materials and components such as clips and screws, and the Roof Wizard will calculate all the materials and accessories with a single mouse click! Every single time.

Image of metal roof 3D model with panel layout as produced by AppliCad Roof Wizard roofing software

AppliCad Roof Wizard metal roof 3D model with panel layout

TIP 2: Automate your ordering process

Many roofers don’t know that you can order directly from the bidding system, provided it is accurate. A professional roofing software like the Roof Wizard will allow you to produce accurate material orders right from the program. With Roof Wizard, a typical residential bid can be completed in just a few minutes and the complete job package is ready to be printed, and you know it is correct.

Image of AppliCad metal roofing section report cutting lists as produced by the Roof Wizard software

The section report automatically creates cutting lists

TIP 3: Make your installation as efficient as possible by using the full strength of the software and machines

The Roof Wizard has many smart tools that make a huge difference to the efficiency of installing metal roofs. For example, the it develops cutting lists that define the precise metal cuts for the roof and all trim. The software also optimises the use of off‐cut material in a process called Linear Nesting. Even more interesting is that you can export output to a roll forming machine that makes the fabrication of your panels precise and much faster. Apart from increased accuracy, the machine is not idle while the cutting list is manually input, with the huge potential for error in this keying-in process.

TIP 4: Reduce waste of time, labour and materials

The software panel layout efficiency tools mean all roof materials are cut with minimal waste and in a shape that is ready for the roof. The Roof Wizard achieves off‐cut waste reduction of between 5% and 15%, depending on the style of roof and the roofing material used. The accuracy and efficiency means your roofers can fit in more jobs in a day because they are simply more efficient, plus they spend less time fixing mistakes made earlier in the job cycle.

What are you waiting for?

With metal roofing, it all comes down to using the right tools to help you be as efficient as possible. There are a lot of job management tablet apps out in the market with an emphasis on job and client management systems. What is the use of such an app if you are shuffling the wrong information through the system?

With commercial grade software like the Roof Wizard, you get:

  • assistance in the preparation of client bids
  • detailed install labour summary
  • cutting lists and material orders with the output details for fabrication and installation
  • cutting details and panel layouts providing precise measurements for the field team

With all these aids, just about anyone in the roofing business can become competent and competitive in the metal roofing business.

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Image of AppliCad's Managing Director, Ray Smith and Development Manager, Leigh Menzel

AppliCad’s Managing Director, Ray Smith (left) and Development Manager Leigh Menzel

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