Working from home with AppliCad

With our web server licensing for our Roof Wizard software, working from home with AppliCad is very simple to set up on your home PC or laptop:

🧑‍💻Go to

👆Click License Manager 

🔑Log in with your email address and password.

⬇️ Download Roof Wizard Installer program, then install.

🧑‍💻Enter your unique Company ID and your User ID from further down the License Manager page (a whole bunch of numbers). 

**Note that this does not add licenses to your company, it allows you to use the license(s) you already have on multiple PCs **

Person, working from home with AppliCad, on laptop

A note about file sharing/network connections

OK – As is always the case with computers and technology, it is very likely that it is not as simple as this. Most of you will need to access data files that are resident on the company server or on your office PC. To address this will be different for everyone and may require assistance from your IT department (if you have one).

Need a hand to set you up for working from home with AppliCad?

We have a few tips for setting up and checking your user files on the FAQ pages under the Support tab of our web site. If you get stuck, drop us an email or call us on +61-3- 9878 5000 (Australian Standard Eastern Time).