AppliCad and HOVER collaboration – A Winning Solution for Automatic Roof Estimation

Imagine you could take eight photos of your house on your smartphone, upload them to a website to obtain a data file within hours. Then you upload that data file to another website and get a full, accurate take-off of all materials within 5 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, thanks to the new AppliCad and HOVER collaboration, this is now possible.


“HOVER transforms smartphone photos into beautifully rendered and fully measured 3D models of any home.” ( Essentially, the HOVER platform helps re-roofing contractors to have design conversations with their residential clients to support the sales function, and to obtain full measurements without having to climb the roof.

Hover's software shows clients what their roof design could look like, in AppliCad and HOVER collaboration
Hover’s software shows clients what their roof design could look like

The new way of roofing sales – Fast, accurate, low risk!

With AppliCad’s automatic roof take-off service in the AppliCad and HOVER collaboration, you can take this ease of sale further. Within minutes, you can now also extract a full take-off including panel section reports and cutting lists! All you need is HOVER’s .xml data file of your project and upload it to Our unique automated estimation program will calculate all materials for you, as a perfect basis for your best sales quotation, based on real data and provide your installers with specific installation instructions.

Empower your salesforce to do more

With AppliCad and HOVER your salesperson can

  • present a roofing solution in a way your client can visualise it well
  • calculate exact quantities needed for the preferred solution
  • provide an exact quotation to the client within minutes
  • send accurate material order reports to your procurement team
  • provide installers with a panel layout ‘map’

all without having climbed the roof once for taking measurements.

Positive impact on your bottom line

Your salesperson can now provide you with the information you need to get the entire job done, on the same day the deal was closed. You won’t need a second trip to the job site and won’t need to spend time on the roof to take measurements, nor will you need the time and efforts of an estimator. Your lead times between winning the job and ordering materials will decrease, and you will be able to start the job faster.

As you have eliminated any ‘estimation’ out of your quoting process, you will have a very accurate grasp on your margins, per job. No more over-ordering materials and taking the rest back to the supplier. No more under-ordering by accident to then have to wait for more materials, either.

Have we captured your imagination?

Don’t just take our word for it, watch how it works here: