4 Questions to Disrupt the Roofing Industry

What is it that innovative entrepreneurs do to disrupt an established market? Well, they do things differently. Roofing is a very established market, so how can you disrupt the roofing industry to get ahead?

Let’s look at the saturated industry that is the U.S. re-roofing segment, where competitors are not very different from each other, competing on price and durability of their installation.

Ask yourself these 4 questions

1. What can I get rid of, that is not necessary in my service delivery?

Do your roofers really need to climb the roof to take measurements and inspect? Why not use aerial images, drone images, or architects’ plans as the basis of a re-roofing quote? It will lighten your clients’ day as well.

2. What can I reduce to save costs?

On top of the cost savings you get when you are not having roofers climb up to get measurements, consider this: Are you still estimating based on areas and lengths? This may mean an extra trip back to the supplier if you are short or over the estimated quantity. It’s much better to calculate exact quantities, including for all accessories to minimise waste of time and materials.

3. What value-add can I provide that others don’t?

Others may offer “free quotes” to attract business, but are they precise? At the end of the day, your clients will care about whether a quote is accurate, so they can trust what they sign on the dotted line. No CRM, no follow up emails will save you from a bad reputation you will create if you under-deliver on a job anywhere from quoting stage, to cleaning up after a job.

4. What can I invent, that no-one has yet?

Imagine you had a magic wand that could guarantee the best price, based on accurate calculations of labor, materials, and accessories. You would know your exact margins for each job.
Image shows a dart hitting a bull's eye on a dart board, showing how you could hit the target in the roofing industry with Roof Wizard software
AppliCad’s Roof Wizard software will help you achieve all of the above. Its laser focus is on optimising service delivery from quote to installation, so your clients get the best possible value for their money. Roof Wizard uses 3D roof modelling to achieve the accuracy we promise to deliver, again, and again, no matter who does the calculations.
Try the Roof Wizard, because at the end of the day, your reliable service, at a price your clients can trust, will be what will bring them back to you, or recommend you to others.

4 Questions to Disrupt the Roofing Industry

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