Get AppliCad. Learn it. Thank us later.

If we had a penny for the many times we have heard this story, we would be swimming in riches! 💰

But in all seriousness, the experience of this successful metal roofer, who is called Billy-Bob for the purpose of this exercise, is a typical case study demonstrating the transformational power of AppliCad Roof Wizard:

The Challenge

Many roofing professionals, like our Billy-Bob, have been initially sceptical about adopting computer software for their estimating departments. They often have a strong preference for traditional methods and a reluctance to embrace new technology. However, as the industry evolves, companies need to stay competitive and improve their processes to enhance profitability.

The Solution

AppliCad Roof Wizard was introduced to Billy-Bob by a friend, and he decided to try the software despite his initial hesitation. He began learning the software through AppliCad’s online course, YouTube tutorials, and hands-on exploration. As he became more proficient, he realised the numerous benefits that AppliCad Roof Wizard could bring to his business.

Image shows computer mouse and part of a roof model with sections. Text reads Get it. Learn it. Thank us later.

Implementation and Training

Billy-Bob then faced the challenge of convincing his estimators to learn and use the software. By sharing his own journey of overcoming his reluctance, he was able to encourage the team to participate in hands-on training sessions and explore the various features and capabilities of AppliCad Roof Wizard.

End Result

A lot of happy clients for AppliCad who ring us up to say, “I wish I had learned this software sooner!”

Now, get on with it; what are YOU waiting for?