Metal roofing at its best with panel reports

New! Panel Report Feature for Metal Roofing

We are excited to show you our new Section Report tool which will make your metal roofing life so much easier!

What the panel report tool does
The section report breaks down any roof into individual roof sections and provides a panel layout and cutting list for each section:

Metal roofing - This image shows an AppliCad Metal Roof model

A typical metal roof model in AppliCad’s Roof Wizard

This image shows how the AppliCad metal roofing section report cuts metal roofs into sections

Metal Roofing – The section report tool cuts any metal roof into sections


How to use it
Using the Section Report function is easy!
1. First you identify the roof planes you want to be included in the section
2. Roof Wizard automatically annotates each section
3. You generate the panel cutting list and print the report.

Metal roofing - This image shows AppliCad metal roofing section report cutting lists

The section report automatically creates cutting lists

What about allowances to refine my bids?
Roof Wizard automatically takes care of all your fabrication and installation allowances too – important considerations such as overhang into the gutter and gaps at hips, ridges and valleys. We know these are critical allowances when you are trying to refine your bids.

Complete your take-off and make sure it is done right – first time, every time – Labor and materials.

What do these reports look like?
Check out the complete report here. The section report is typically produced after you have won the job with your detailed client proposal – example here.

How does it make a difference?
It is easy, included and cost effective. If you use Roof Wizard software for your metal roofing, you’re in control. Tell your clients and installers that you’re in charge and know what you’re doing. Give them a Roof Wizard Section Report and start banking the profits of improved business turnover.

“Just a few minutes work and you then have the information that tells everyone what is going on with your roof.”

Are you currently not running version 8.2?  Upgrade your Roof Wizard software now.

If you have any questions, email me at I am here to help.

Metal roofing at its best with panel reports

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